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Planning my child’s birthday party is so difficult and frustrating!

It’s that time of year where my daughter is the queen bee and thinks the whole world revolves around her! To make matters worse, she thinks her birthday is a national holiday where everyone needs to stop what they are doing and kneel down to the queen! I mean, what 6 year old doesn’t think like that?


Last year I took on the idea of having a nice little birthday party at my house, sounds simple enough? Well, the first part of business is navigating with a 6 year old about a theme, and for those of you who have a daughter can relate that this simple task is a nightmare! First we decide hmm, pink party? Nope she wants a princess party, then of course, the movie Frozen came out, and yup you guessed it, another stop to the party supply warehouse for the paper goods and props for the party. In my mind, I’m thinking how many friends can a 6 year old have? The answer is every child in the classroom of course! After spending over $200.00 on party supplies, now I had to think of what can I do to keep 30 6 year olds entertained for a couple hours? I made the mistake of actually thinking of having the kids get entertainment by a magician, some face painting, and then wrap it up with dinner and cake. Apparently, these kids have their own agenda. My house turned into a concrete jungle with fingers prints and a Picasso-like crayon drawing on my finished bright yellow walls! It was a disaster! After spending over $850.00 to plan this party, I told myself next time we are just going away on a vacation.


A couple weeks later my daughter was invited to a party at My Three Sons in Norwalk, CT. My first thought was what is My Three Sons and why didn’t I hear about this place? When we first walked into the front entrance, we were greeted by a My Three Sons employee asking if we were here for a birthday party and directed in the proper direction. As a mother, that gave me the sense of security that this place is organized and secure! The place had so many video games, with all the bright color décor, and the smell of freshly popped popcorn. I had to be a little noisy, so I was curious to see how clean My Three Sons was especially with all these kids? To my amazement I couldn’t find a fingerprint of dust and everything looked extremely well maintained and cleaned, even the girl’s bathroom was mint. Once the party started, I was invited by the party planner to hang around and was offered complimentary coffee and tea. Was I at Disney World or a birthday party! The first stop was in the Jumpy House inflatables complete with slides and tunnels, a total of 4 inflatables. The kids were playing hide and seek, and nothing but smiles. The party continued and the next step was three offered attractions which were Balladium Ball Blasters, ideally the kids collect hidden nerf balls and had to strike the nerf balls and targets with their air cannon. My daughter looked like a supervillian and couldn’t get enough. Next stop was the Mining Expedition Treasure Hunt – this reminded me of something out of the Indiana Jones movie set with a mining pit and hiding jewels the children had to retrieve to get My Three Sons points to retrieve a prize. The party planner was in total control of the whole party and was accommodating to all the children to ensure they understood the rules, and always had side jokes to make them laugh, it was amazing to see. The chant that still circles in my mind was when the whole party started saying, “Laser Tag, Laser Tag, and Laser Tag.” This had to be the highlight of the party. The arena looked huge! It was special effects such as low laying fog and lighting effects complete with music. I felt like I walking into outer space and the kids had wall-to-wall smiles.


At this point, I was intrigued to see what else are they going to do? How about a cha-cha dance that was quickly coordinated by the party host! I can’t even get my daughter to do the YMCA dance let alone a whole birthday party! The kids did a cute dance working their way over to the My Three Sons party wheel. Everyone involved was clapping and dancing even the My Three Sons employees. The birthday child was the star in the next activity which was the Chambers of Treasure. A money chamber, full of fake money, was given only to the birthday child. Next on the agenda, it reminded me of Tom Cruise from the movie Mission Impossible. The birthday child had to complete a laser maze obstacle course! As she was doing this, she was like a celebrity featured on a big screen TV where everyone in the party observed as she completed the laser maze. I was in complete shock to see how all the kids came together to cheer on their friends. At this point the kids worked up an appetite and were served thin crust pizza. To my surprise, the pizza was outstanding! The party planner said it was the owner’s wife’s homemade recipe. The ice cream cake was served and tokens and goody bags were given out to all the kids to play all the video games. Little noisy me had to know how much did this cost? I secretly asked the party mom. She told me the party only cost her $350.00 and that included everything! The food, the activities, the party planner, the piece of mind, and the safe haven of a clean home without any crayon drawings! The party planner even brought the presents out to her car! Talk about customer service, I will most definitely plan my daughter’s next party at My Three Sons. We all have a small window of opportunity and once that window is closed, it’s closed forever. I want to make sure my daughter has a fun memorable party that she will always talk about even when she’s older. My Three Sons exceeded my expectations and I will be back. When my daughter and I left she said mom, “this was the best time of my life! Can we come back tomorrow?”